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Christ Miracle Church welcomes U


Vellore, South India


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Dear Brethren,

Seasonal greetings in the matchless Name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. This is a voluntary Non- Governmental Christian Organization (NGO) which does FREE SERVICE among Christians and non Christians for the UPLIFT AND GROWTH OF SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL status of them.

With our MOTIVE mentioned we live for Jesus and to serve for Jesus, SERVE to LIVE AND LIVE to serve.
Our service is to make others to live spiritually and socially as they are dying spiritually and socially.

2. We do social service expecting spiritual fruits. But our full aim in this part of India is to win souls for Christ and Establish churches as many as possible before Lord’s return.

3. GIVE- LIVE-LOVE- LEAVE is our another motive to serve others with LOVE to LIVE who are dying in sins and leave them to live with the knowledge of Christ.

4. We want to give for Christ live for Christ and love for Christ and leave for Christ. Let them LIVE who STARVE here for want of spiritual and earthly food. Let us love them, not on mouth whispers but in action, showing our Christ’ love in doing social uplift, and then preach the LIVE of gospel to bring them to Christ’s fold.
Let us LEAVE them to LIVE for Christ with spiritual joy and live for Christ and for neighbors. It is well known to the world that funds for religious reasons are not allowed by the Indian Government from abroad and only admit funds for social uplifts and developments. As such, we do gospel, service with social; uplift programmes. Almost all the Christian concerns in India suffer the same financial problems and evangelism is affected for lack of funds in churches and so we do socio- evangelism with ‘neighbours’ assistance. Social uplift is necessary in the developing India. So this association is taking this as an advantage, we join evangelism with social uplift which government or non- Christian elements do not or cannot object.
“In order to achieve our aim we have projects combined with social and spiritual”. But our methods, socio-evangelism will slowdown, or even cool down the objections from non- Christian extremists. There are 90% of the people in remote villages are still to be heard about Christ and his saving live. So we reach the un reached with, these LEADERSHIP TRAINING:-

We want to rain-up committed Christian youths with BIBLE STUDY in evangelism with social-uplift-self-earning programmes.
1. Bible teaching for two years- theory- daily in day hour.
2. Out-door and outreach preaching along with rural social uplift methods, daily, in the evenings.
3. Training of Domestic handicrafts to the public which will fetch money to9 drive away their poverty
4. This will show our Christian love
5. Computer training centre for the educated youths to sow Christian teaching
6. During this study a stipend will have to be give to the trainees.

6. There are persons already, without proper knowledge who face public indifference regarding conversion as they do not have proper knowledge in Bible religions and religious of communities such as Hinduism, Budhism & Muslimism. Therefore a leadership study programme is necessary for them. During their study a stipend will be given for their practical Evangelistic service. After their study.
(videeterns VI &VII) due degree graduation certificates, such as Diplomo in Ministry (D min) & etc, will be issue. This study will equip them Biblically together with other religious studies, with required qualifying knowledge and then they can face boldly the problems that arise from Educated and uneducated non- Christians and at the closure of their studies for 2 years churches will be established. And they will be become missionaries.

7. A monthly magazine in local language is being published to strengthen the evangelists on the field already.

8. This kind of protected evangelism is necessary nowadays. We have ENTHUSIASM and ZEAL for evangelism, but conversion of non Christians to Christianity with due methods, faces problems of finance by us. Why not you join with us, with helping hands of funds to evangelize this potion of the unreached world with long term projects as we planned above.(social &spiritual)

9. The converts have to be given protection to stand on their own legs by giving proper income generating technical education such as:-

1. Free tailoring course for Boys and Girls along with Bible Teaching Course.
2. free Computer training courses for educated youths with Bible Teaching Course.
3. Lab, Training Course with Bible Teaching Course.
4. Scholarships to Christian converts who go out for higher studies.
5. Sponsoring poor converted Christian students for their dress and further studies.
N.B. All these will be connected with self supporting after 5-10 years.

10. our Organisation is run mainly on the donations, of well wishers, which is very meager. Jesus is coming soon and urgency is in doing our Lord’s service in as many methods and inventing methods as possible with Missionary Zeal and enthusiasm, guided by the Holy Spirit. Therefore we request funds of nay kind and invite methods of many kinds to do our Lord’s Service with enthusiasm and spirit filled lightining speed evangelism as the world is going to worldly matters with wartime developments. More & full details and elaborate proposals of projects will be sent on your reply.

Jesus Gives Ministries, Vellore-631 002, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel:-  91-4177-225135
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