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Christ Miracle Church welcomes U


Vellore, South India


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ABOUT ! Christ Miracle Church & Our Trust

The Christ Miracle Church (CMC) welcomes you. We are a growing church in Vellore, south India, situated in the north of the state Tamilnadu, in South India. It is 130km of the city Chennai, the state capital and 250 km of Banglore. The CMC church was started in Vellore on Sunday 21st June 1987. The senior pastor of the CMC church is Rev. E.D. Frankiln, M.A.B.Th.,. The church has more than 200 believers.

The central core of the church is to glorify Jesus, by preaching Jesus is the Lord in the town Vellore, and build new churches for worship and also to pray for the people who suffer from witchcraft and other incurable diseases, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and provide the social needs for them.

We heartily Thank you for exploring this site and do visit often for ministry updates, and if you're in surrounding Vellore, India, we would be pleased to have you visit us in person!. Praise the Lord Jesus. Amen!.





Jesus Gives Ministries, Vellore-631 002, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel:-  91-4177-225135
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