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Christ Miracle Church welcomes U


Vellore, South India


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ABOUT ! – Christ Miracle Church & Our Trust

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am Rev. E. D. Franklin, Pastor in depressive and remote area, in vellore Dist. Tamil Nadu. S. India. I registered my church as Jesus Gives Ministries. Now I have five churches and five sister concern churches in the same Dist. I conduct Bible Training school. Five of our Church believers youth came and learned and their efforts God opened the four more churches, and five sisters concern churches.

Now we are doing this kinds of ministries by faith and prayer. The main church or first church name called Christ Miracle Church (CMC). Now by God's grace we won more than 102 believers. All the branch churches are having 60-80 believers in each.

Our co-workers in His vineyard name called

1. Pastor. David Shankar

2. Pastor. Despatch

3. Pastor. Dinakar

4. Pastor. Abiraham

5. Pastor. M.K. Daniel

The ministries as follows:

1. Evangelism
2. Church planting
3. Bible training Center (Part time only )
4. Pastors meeting
5. Conducting the crusade and convention
6. Children Bible Group teachers training
7. Women's care cells (Prayer)

We are praying to start the following ministries:

Child care Adult Education Free tuition center etc.

We have Brothers in Him, and working for him and doing everything for His glory.

God is using me and us to bring the people to meet real God and fill his heaven with His chosen people. If you have any possible way to participate in these ministries as above I mentioned please contact me. Please bear us when you are praying in the church, family and personal prayers. Help the poor to grow...


Rev E. D. FRANKLIN (President)
No.2, 4th Street,
Arakkonam – 631002

Mrs. F. IDA FRANKLIN (Secretary)
Vellore – 632 114

MR. M.K. DANIEL (Treasurer)
Vinter Pet
Arakkonam – 631001

Vellore – 632104

MR. P. DINAKARAN (Trustee)
No.2. Samathuvapuram
Vellore - 632114






Jesus Gives Ministries, Vellore-631 002, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel:-  91-4177-225135
   E-Mail :-